Friday, May 10, 2013

Math Memoirs

Not that anyone is counting or anything, but hooray for the last weeks of school!   For an extra credit opportunity I'm "borrowing" this idea I found on another math teacher's blog.  (You can look at her post to see her students' samples.)  She actually took the idea from this story on NPR and from, a website where Six Word Memoirs can be shared.

Using only 6 words, create a memoir of your year in our PAP Pre-Calculus Class.  Your sentence/phrase should make sense, but it does not necessarily need to be a complete sentence.  (I'll accept sentence fragments!  Don't tell your English teacher!)

  • Complete your memoir on a page at least 8.5" x 11".
  • Include your sentence, and then somehow illustrate your memoir.
  • You may type or hand-draw your "project."
  • Please be neat, colorful, and creative.
  • Your project should fill the page.
  • Have fun!
Your math memoir will be due on Monday, May 20, and it will be worth test points.

If you would like (need) additional points, either on your HW average or to boost your HW/Quiz category, you may create an additional Six Word Memoir about your "non-math" life.  

Feel free to post your sentence here, but please turn in your projects by next Monday.

Thanks, and I look forward to reading all of your memoirs!

By the way, here is my memoir, created while I was proctoring an AP test. :)   I think this sentence captures my math and IS jobs.  I'm still working on my illustrations, and I'm still working on my personal memoir.

I love to help find solutions.

Here are a few finished products from last year!  I think these memoirs are awesome!

Math: Where Conquering Concepts Happens Everyday

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