Sunday, April 7, 2013

Math-Magic with Pascal and Fibonacci

The purpose of the "web" assignment is to give you time to simply browse.  I hope you enjoy exploring different sites to see examples of some true mathmagic!

Click here for a link to the document for today's assignment.

And here's a new web tool I've wanted to try.  It's called "Thinglink," and you can embed links within the image.  Don't know if you'll get to explore Sierpenski triangles and fractals today, but they're very cool and related to Pascal's triangle, too!  I've attached a few links, and if you find something else fun, please try adding new links to this image.

Please share!
By Tuesday, April 9, 5 PM, please post (in the comments below) a sentence or two about the most math-magical thing you discovered about Pascal’s triangle, the Fibonacci sequence, or Phi.  What was fun, interesting, cool, or made you ooh and aah??  Please share!

Thank you, and have fun!