Sunday, March 24, 2013

Let's Hear Your Voice!

Thanks again for your willingness to try a new technology tool!

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Once you register, you may search for our slides, or simply click the links below.  Feel free to look at both slide shows, and I will grade your comments left on either presentation.  (Sorry about any blurry pictures!)

1st period's work:

3rd period's work:

If you can think of any ways other ways students/teachers might enjoy using Voice Thread, please leave your comments on the slideshow or post a comment below.

Thank you!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Math Super Power!

Several years ago, Steve Strogatz, an award winning mathematician from Cornell, wrote a series of 15 articles in the New York Times Opinionator blog. He is a professor who really understands math-magic, and he wanted to explain it from the beginning of numbers to advanced calculus.  The entire series may be found here, and if you're looking for good math reads, check out all of the articles, in order.  I promise, the articles are engaging and entertaining, and in fact, in his first post, he uses a clip from Sesame Street to explain the importance of numbers. How brilliant is that?!?

In math, we don’t often have opportunities for reading and writing, so when the series was first published, I kept looking for ways to incorporate it into my now you'll get to respond on this blog! :-)

In your next opportunity to post for points, please read his article called "Power Tools," (which I also gave you before the break) and summarize the material using a 20 word gist.  Write a complete sentence (or I’ll even take a coherent phrase) using only 20 words.  You may summarize the entire article, one particular piece of the article, or you may draw a conclusion about the article, but you must do so using only twenty words.  More importantly, your sentence/phrase must make sense!  

Please don't forget to include either your first name or initials so that you can receive your extra credit points!

Once again...your sentence must make sense, relate to the article, and use EXACTLY 20 words.

Please post your comments by 5 PM on Friday, March 22.  
Have fun, and thanks for playing!
As always, I look forward to reading your responses.