Saturday, November 24, 2012

Not Quite the North Pole, but Almost as Fun!

When I first mentioned polar coordinates, did you immediately think "North Pole!" and then "Santa?"  (I know that's the way my mind works every time I think about polar graphs, especially at this time of year!) 

(And since we're talking North Pole, I'll share some KLas family trivia... I've told you that my sister lived in Alaska for a long time, and her wedding was almost exactly 8 years ago...happy anniversary Allison & Steve!  So when our entire family ventured to Alaska for her wedding during Thanksgiving, 2004, we had to go to North Pole, Alaska, shop at the Santa Clause house, and take a picture of the real north pole!)

That's my dad with me...& yes, there are geocaches close by!
Is that Rudolph, peeking around the corner?
Visiting the North Pole is oh-so-much fun, but look at the possible graphs you can make...doesn't that look like fantastic fun, too?! ;)  And you you will be able to create these graphs by the end of the winter visits to Alaska required!

Great use for cardioid graphs!
Since our study of polar graphs and coordinates will be abbreviated, I wanted to provide a few resources for you to help with your studies, so here you go:

Written resources:
Video/Interactive Resources (most require Java):

If you find another resource that might help a classmate, please list it in the comments below.  If you create a cool polar graph, take a screen shot and email it to me, and I'll post it here!

Aren't polar graphs cool?