Monday, September 1, 2014

Math Is... 2014 Version

If I didn't teach math, I would love to teach English because I enjoy reading so much! I especially loved reading your Mathographies, and I captured your "Math is..." comments in the wordle below:

Please allow me to address some of your questions and concerns here:

  • Even though my "other job" carries a lot of responsibilities, when I am with my classes, you are my priority. If you have questions or need tutoring, I will find time for you, and I have been known to tutor during every period of the day! Talk to me, I'll check my calendar, and we'll work out something that is mutually convenient.
  • Feel free to email your questions, too. I usually shut down my school email early (8:00 PM) but I begin answering email super early in the morning. Check my website for answer keys and videos that may help, too. Ask a friend or find another math teacher to help! 
  • Some people prefer groups, some people working alone...we'll do both. For those who prefer individual work time, the "collaboration" work time will require you to stretch, I know. I completely get it because I am a huge introvert. I try to accommodate many learning preferences, but I also want you to grow as a learner.
  • Several people commented that they tend to shut down when they get frustrated or don't understand something, and I plan to help you conquer that mindset. (Here are tips to change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.)  In my class, I hope you will develop a growth mindset about learning, I want you to appreciate the struggle, and learn that making mistakes is OK! I've created a slideshow with my favorite quotes about learning and struggle, and it's on my website homepage. It's so important that I'll add it here, too! 
  • My favorite growth mindset comment was from the person who wrote, "I like to work in groups with people who are smarter than I am." Awesome! What a way to show that you're willing to take risks, stretch yourself, and learn from others.
  • One of my number one priorities is that our class is for you to take risks, safe to make mistakes in your learning journey, and safe to ask as many questions as you need!
  • Your notes will definitely help prepare for your test. I know we have rushed through some notes, but I hope you'll take the time to return to your notes, process the material, and fill in any blanks (steps, definitions, etc.)
  • A few people were worried about the weight of tests. I will do my part to make certain you're prepared for tests, but you'll have to do your part, too! Find some useful study tips here and here.
  • By the way, we're learning all about reference angles to work right triangle problems (SOHCAHTOA) and vectors, which are also used in physics.
If you have any questions or other concerns, feel free to leave your questions in the comments below.
Thanks so much for a great start to PAP pre-calculus!

Mathmagically Yours,
Ms. Laster

Enjoy some of my favorite mindset quotes!